Welcome to Connect 20's! This is a group for 18-29 age group. We know how busy and crazy this season of your life can be; we offer fun fellowship, outings, and iron sharpening iron, all fit for this age group. Join us for our next event!

Adrian and Stephanie Garza have been married for two years and have a beautiful set of nine-month-old twins, Emma and Judah. Adrian and Stephanie both have active careers in management and spend their weekends with family and friends. They met at Victory 4 years ago and have served in multiple ministries at VCC throughout the years. Stephanie loves to work out, enjoys the outdoors, and going shopping. Adrian also loves to work out, start new home projects, and keeps Stephanie from shopping. They both believe that Proverbs 27:17 references the importance of community and how it impacts our spiritual walk with Jesus. You won't find a weekend where they aren't inviting friends over for dinner and fun. They love to serve and commit time to relationship building, both in home and the community.

Adrian & Stephanie Garza Adrian & Stephanie Garza

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