Year 1 is designed to help individuals grow in their prophetic gift and develop their prophetic voice. Whether you are a beginner or mature prophetic voice, this class will equip you to go to the next level!


Discover if you have the gift of prophecy. This is a great starting point for beginners!


Discover if you are called to the Office of the Prophet. It takes years, even decades, to understand the calling of an Office Prophet. This class can accelerate those seasoned individuals.


Identify your unique prophetic calling. Each person has their own mandate and call. Just like no two people are alike, no two prophetic voices are alike.


Grow in the foundations and character needed to fulfill your calling. We believe in training up healthy prophets that can go the distance in their faith & establish the Kingdom wherever God has called you.


Watch 3 training videos per week. You will watch one video for homework each week, and we will watch two videos together in class.


Student interactions and discussions. There is space for class discussions, so we grow and have opportunities to learn from one another.


Prophetic activations and hands-on experience. This creates a “teach and do” culture where students take risks to stretch their faith and practice the prophetic immediately following a teaching.


Other teachings by Pastors and facilitators. In conjunction with our curriculum videos from Keith Ferrante, hear from Pastors, facilitators, special guests, and small group leaders throughout the year.

Small Group

Small group breakouts. Each student is placed in a small group at the beginning of the year. You will break into your small groups regularly in class. You will also stay connected to each other outside of class for fellowships and a community outreach.


Module 1 – Embracing the Emerging Prophets

Module 2 – Prophesying Like a Prophet

Module 3 – The Happy Prophet

Module 4 – Restoring the Father’s Heart

Module 5 – Unlocking an Abundant Mindset

Module 6 – New Covenant Prophets

All books written by Keith Ferrante

Books may be purchased at the VCC Bookstore (Sundays) or Mobile Book Cart (available the 1st and last Tuesday of the month) with a 10% discount for students. Purchase the 6-pack book bundle with a 15% discount the 1st 6 weeks of school.

The Seer – James Goll

Ecstatic Prophecy – Stacey Campbell

Discovering the Seer in You – Exploring Your Prophetic Gift – James Goll

Prophetic Company – Dan McCollam*

Lifestyle of a Watchman – James Goll

Understand Your Dreams Now – Doug Addison

Can You Hear Me – Brad Jersak*

*Found only on Amazon

Graduation of EPIC means “successfully completing the academic, attendance, financial, and spiritual tasks the staff asks of me, and doing it with an honoring attitude”.

To receive a Certificate of Completion:

• You must have a zero balance of all tuition, fees, and childcare costs by Graduation Day.

• You must have no more than 10 absences. We meet 34 Tuesdays throughout the school year. Having more than 10 absences means you would miss a third of the class. We will grant excuses on a case-by-case basis.

• You must participate in one Treasure Hunt (this occurs on the 2nd Saturday of each month during the school year).

• You must have a SOZO appointment at VCC (this is a 2–3-hour individual healing ministry meeting available Wednesdays, Thursdays and by online appointment).

• You must participate in at least one group outreach. We will have one opportunity in the Fall and Spring semesters. We will make accommodations for those that are absent for illness or work so that you can fulfill your graduation requirement.

• You must participate in at least one group fellowship. Groups will gather in the Fall and Spring semester, so you should have multiple opportunities to attend.

Having a Certificate of Completion allows you repeat the class as a “Retake” student with the tuition discount. If you do not meet these requirements, you will be awarded a Certificate of Participation at graduation.