EPIC is a cutting-edge course designed to help highly gifted prophetic individuals discover whether they are a prophet, what kind of a prophet they are, and to develop the needed character to move from the calling of prophet to the office of prophet. This video-based school will equip emerging prophets to be deployed into their sphere of influence.

The Emerging Prophets Immersion Course uses a full, nine-month curriculum and meets one day a week.
Each week, students will view three training videos by Keith Ferrante, engage in activations and hands-on experience, and participate in discussion and interaction with other students and facilitators.

Keith Ferrante is one of today’s foremost emerging prophetic equippers! As a pioneer in this field, he leads the way in blazing a path for prophets to find their prophetic voice and reach their fullest potential. As a strong prophetic voice, Keith travels internationally speaking in churches, conferences, and ministry schools, and carries a breaker anointing to open up the heavens while bringing timely corporate and personal prophetic words.

PREREQUISITE FOR ATTENDANCE: Completion of the first year of a School of Supernatural Ministry (that is based on the Bethel Curriculum).

Registration for the 2020-2021 school year will open on March 25, 2020