Emerging Prophets Immersion Course First Year Information and Application Process
What You'll Need:
  • Upload individual photo
  • Pastoral Reference name & email address (to submit as part of your application)
  • Revival Group Leader/Director Reference name & email address (to submit as part of your application)
  • Early application fee $35 (Non-refundable)
  • After August 16th, late application fee $75

How to Apply:
  • Because of the time commitments required for VSSM2 and EPIC, we highly recommend that you choose to enroll in either VSSM 2nd Year or EPIC rather than taking both in the same school year.
  • Complete the application below, attach your photo, and pay the application fee at the end of the form. (Application Fee not refundable)
  • After submitting the application, please submit the pastoral reference and revival group leader/director reference to the individuals you choose (see links below, an email address will be required). This process can take some time, so it is recommended to keep in touch with your references to ensure they are submitted.
  • Upon receipt of a fully completed application, which must include BOTH references, the administrator will review your submission. A letter will be sent to you (via email and USPS) once the review has been completed, and a decision has been made.

2nd Year Application

Leader's Recommendation

Pastoral Recommendation